Do You Have Questions About Wills and Trusts?

Do You Have Questions About Wills and Trusts?

Get help drafting a will in the Louisville, KY area

From your car to your insurance policies, everything you own is part of your estate. Drafting a will is the best way to determine how these belongings will be divided among your loved ones. Trust an experienced attorney at Graham PLLC to walk you through the entire process in Louisville, KY.

A properly drafted will contains more than just a division of assets. When you create a will, you can:

  • Determine who will handle your estate affairs after your death
  • Appoint a new guardian for your children
  • Plan for funeral arrangements, pet care and other personal matters

Attorney Graham will customize your plans to fit your family's needs. Call him today to start drafting a will.

3 steps on how to create a trust

Did you know many trust funds only require a minimum deposit of $100 or less? If you're interested in saving for loved ones and reducing their tax costs when you pass away, asking an attorney how to create a trust is a vital step.

The process is relatively simple. Follow these steps to open and maintain your trust fund:

  1. Decide what type of trust you want to create
  2. Create the trust agreement
  3. Fund the trust with real estate, stocks, bonds and any other personal property you'd like

Attorney Graham will help you learn how to create a trust and deposit funds in just a few days. Gain peace of mind knowing your belonging will be taken care of after you're gone.